We have distributed over 8,000 masks to our community of relentless champions. Fight CRC masks are FREE + a shipping fee. Get yours today!

New Advocate Pack

New Advocate Pack

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Welcome to the Fight CRC Family! Enjoy this branded swag as you prepare to host an event, distribute resources, join our webinars, and more! This care package is designed for new advocates as they get acquainted with the Fight CRC community. Recipients of this package can expect the following:

  • Fight CRC Tote
  • Logo Mug
  • Button Pack
  • Baseball Hat
  • White Logo Tee
  • Bracelets
  • Blue Star Enamel Pin
  • Relentless Patch
  • Pedometer
  • Face Mask

You are a Relentless Champion! We’re so glad to have you join our family, as we fight against colorectal cancer together.