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Skin Toxicity Mini Mag

Skin Toxicity Mini Mag

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The Skin Toxicity Mini Magazine is a booklet designed to help patients manage side effects of the skin (like chemo rash, skin rash, or EGFR rash and hand-foot skin reaction) and find comfort through the stories of others who share in the struggles, victories, and outlooks on this side effect. This resource includes:

  • What causes skin toxicity
  • Tips to prevent skin toxicity
  • Nail care do’s and don’ts
  • Makeup tips for chemo rash
  • Facial hair grooming with skin rash
  • Sun care with EGFR rash
  • More tips from experts and patients

Fight CRC has a per-customer limit of 50 copies for each of our mini magazines. If you're a medical professional or organization who would like to place a bulk order or discuss how to get our other resources to your patients, please contact our Patient Resources Team at  NOTE:  Request for 50+ and/or Bulk Orders are subject to shipping charges

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