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Biomarkers Brochure

Biomarkers Brochure

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Learning about your tumor biomarkers can change the landscape of your treatment options. Our Biomarkers brochure outlines information your biomarker report should contain, why biomarkers are so important to know for treatment options, and why biomarker testing is so important. Clip the Biomarker Passport and carry it with you. No matter what part of the colorectal cancer continuum you are in, it’s important to know your tumor's biomarkers. Learn more. Make our medically reviewed Biomakers brochure your trusted resource.

Fight CRC has a per-customer limit of 50 copies for each of our brochuresIf you're a medical professional or organization who would like to place a bulk order, or discuss how to get our other resources to your patients, please contact our Patient Resources Team at  NOTE:  Bulk orders are subject to shipping charges

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