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Screening Poster

Screening Poster

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Fight CRC's Save a Life Screening Poster is our newest patient educational resource about colorectal cancer. With clear photos and language, this poster gives helpful information about why colorectal cancer screening is so important, getting your screening covered, and signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer, and a brief outline of screening options. A handy QR code takes you to our lifesaving colorectal cancer screening quiz. Be sure to take it and share it with families and friends. You could save a life! Once you complete the quiz, scroll farther down to read in more detail why you should get screened, reasons for getting screened, and learn how the screening age is decided, as well as screening options and additional resources. Colonoscopies aren’t the only way to be screened for colorectal cancer. Become informed so you can have this important colorectal cancer screening and options conversation with your doctor, so together you can decide the best screening method for you. 

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